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Conscious Creative Clothing for Change


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SolaVita Exchange




Mission: My intention is to empower you to love being in your body with access to affordable, one-of-a- kind clothing that honors your unique beauty and sacred connection to the Earth. I have been 250 lbs and I have been 150lbs. That kind of weight fluctuation throughout my life has held intense learning and access to holistic growth that I could share for days. Each garment is a step closer to my wholeness and a blessing offered to you on your journey toward your own wholeness.

Vision: I envision a world in which all people, especially women, embrace the function and beauty of their bodies at every stage, shape, size, color, and ability. I believe in a world that values our attempts to live as resourcefully and consciously as possible. Our environment, and the survival of our human tribe, requires a shift toward living with less waste. By shopping SolaVita Exchange you're supporting a creative habit of up-cycling and clothing redesign passed down through generation by necessity. I take my grandmother's wisdom and skill, combined with my love for fashion to turn cast away clothes and scraps into sustainable, creative clothing that honors the power of showing up with grit and gratitude. Honor yourself as a unique thread in the colorful patchwork of humanity with one-of-a-kind creations that celebrate life.

Values: I believe that..

∞ reusing things is important for us and the Earth, obviously.

∞ our bodies and objects hold stories with transformative power when used with intention. 

∞ clothing is a way to honor, express, and direct these stories.

Elegant comfort for your abundant life.

Your purchase helps support progressive education
for kids, women and families.

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