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Our creativity and character programs help K-8 learners cultivate their innate creativity as a way to develop greater compassion and connection to learning through arts integration. Research shows that our basic human need for connection drives our behavior and influences our sense of identity. By infusing our lives with access to creative play and invitations for structured skill development within a caring container, we increase an individual's resilience, imagination, and ability to self-actualize their genius. We're on a mission to ensure that every human get this opportunity and to empower every kid (even big kids at heart) with opportunities to develop mindful awareness, curiosity, and growth mindset principles through creative development.


Art Adventres


Elements of heART

Our printable PDFs are hand illustrated worksheets are ready to be colored, cut, torn, taped, glued, and explored by hands of all sizes. 

Our founder, Vita, has personally created all of these printable PDFs from her unique zone of genius to empower your little on their journey to uncover theirs. 

Find hours of learning and entertainment - edutainement- in our heARTful Activity Center. One click and inspiration is yours for life to print, store, and create however your intuition guides you.


Little Hands Edition

self led

Developing our creative skills is also an opportunity to strengthen emotional intelligence and growth mindset thinking. These are massive predictors of success in every area of life. 

Our activity books are a set of creative adventures that  blend creativity and character development. This sequential series of activity books teach visual literacy one tool and one character skill at a time. 

The first adventure, Unlock Your Inner Artist, 
 is an introduction to a unique heARTful tool kit designed for K-8 kids (or big kids at heART) who wish to develop their creativity. This adventure emphasizes that the most important tool, your mindset, is one that you already have and can be developed in fun and simple ways. It's available as any E-Book or paperback on Amazon.

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monthly membership

at home


Developing our creative skills is also an opportunity to strengthen emotional intelligence and growth mindset thinking. These are massive predictors of success in every area of life. 

We believe all people are artists at heart! We just need the right tools and the mindset to start. Now, you can have creative inspiration and guidance delivered to your emerging artist every month for less than the cost of Netflix or your coffee habit :)

We are beyond excited to share our heART CLUB Self-Guided and heART CLUB Guided by Vita journeys with you and your little artist! We can't wait to see what they create and hope that you'll come join our LIVE virtual art classes on the 3rd Saturday of every month.

"I thought this was just a coloring book, but it wants you to cut things up and tear things out! How did you come up with this stuff Ms. Vita?!"
1st grade student 
Elements of heART

at School

Elements of heART
signature program


We teach that great artists do more than make great art; we learn to lead from the heart.

As young heARTISTS get an introduction to important art basics, they also get to experience the power of growth mindset thinking and how developing the character traits of a great human can serve them beyond their creative practices.

Our signature Creativity and Character program has served thousands of kids in schools, non-profits, and families all over the Bay Area. In this program, K-8 learners are invited to co-create a community by cultivating mindful awareness of their experiences. Learning is deepened through hands-on art projects, games, stories and playful prompts that build SEL skills and growth mindset thinking.

""I found the heARTful Kids programming to be extremely inspiring. Vita and her team covered essential concepts in the field of arts that helped pave the way for our students to blossom with their own creative expressions. "
-Tany B.
Director of ASEP SF  


We regularly collaborate with organizations to bring a variety of art, mindfulness, and leadership development events to life. 

From one time workshops and professional development events to class series and full year programs, we have developed and facilitated a wide scope of opportunities for participants to learn and connect with greater compassion and creativity.

We partner with organizations who share our values and desire to leverage creativity for intentional, positive change. Our
services are designed from the knowing that creative engagement in a community of like-hearted individuals who celebrate diverse backgrounds can spark incredible outcomes for all.

Communtity Partners

Small Team,
BIG Impact.

✨My fellow creatives, meaning ALL humans... Whether you consider yourself an artist, or no

Fiona G. | Mom

"It is thanks to Vita that my daughter was able to achieve her goal of admission to a competitive arts middle school. Vita is a gem!"

Screen Shot 2022-05-17 at 12.19.29 AM.png

Brit H. | Teacher

"Vita has consistently presented professionalism, innovation and creative vision in her role as an educator. Every lesson that Vita teaches has clear intentions and learning goals for her students. Vita's ability to facilitate positive classroom management practices has been impressive to our team as she is able to meet the specific needs and learning styles of her students."

non-profit programs + community collaboration

Tany B. | Director of ASEP

"I found this programming to be extremely inspiring. It covered essential concepts in the field of art that helped pave the way for our students to blossom.... The program allowed for flexibility and adaptation as it was expanded to different age groups, schools and times of the day. "


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Scenes of Joy
heArtful kids has served thousands of kids in meaningful ways.
Is your community next?
from our signature Creativity + Character program.
“Look around! Everything is ART!”

Simon, Age 5

“When I grow up, I want to teach art because there is always something new to learn."

Hailin, Age 5

Intrigued, but unsure?

No pressure, no gimmicks, just a heart to heart to understand where you're at and whether we can help.
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