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Goodbye CosmicKIDS...

After 7 years of growth and community service as CosmicKIDS Consulting, we are saying goodbye. But, don't worry: it's goodbye only to the name, not the mission.

In fact, as we look ahead, grounded by our values and our mission to teach tools for transformation through creativity and mindfulness, our future-- and our new name--

look bright!

It's been a wild ride full of tender growth as CosmicKIDS ConsultingOur small team and our growing set of community partners have been incredible in navigating tremendous learning curves amidst the ups and downs.

Thank you for being apart of our journey.

We are happy to report that we are just getting started and we are so excited for what's ahead! So, stay tuned for the announcement of our new name and some exciting developments over the next few months and weeks. In the meantime, enjoy this gratitude letter to CosmicKIDS.

Dear CosmicKIDS,

Names are powerful and your power has encompassed so much growth these past seven years. Thank you for guiding our mission to inspire creativity and empower consciousness for thousands of kids and families.

Through your name we have developed programs and partnerships that have brought tremendous learning.

Looking back on how organically CosmicKIDS emerged from discovering how to unify my creative practices with my desire to impact others in the community brings me gratitears (tears of gratitude).

I'll admit, I was resistant to letting you go at first. Our attachment to the name CosmicKIDS is reflective of the safe haven you have been for so many in our community. The kids have loved being CosmicKIDS. I have loved being a CosmicKID and we are so grateful that our journey with you has led us to a new name so that we can grow into greater alignment with our mission, values and vision.

Inviting our littles into the process of saying goodbye to you and welcoming our new name brought healing, connection, and excitement. The littles enjoyed getting to see behind the scenes of how nebulous the creative process can be "even for adults". They got to witness the magic that can emerge when we forge a relationship of trust with our own creativity. CosmicKIDS has guided so many children to uncover that process for themselves.

The power of CosmicKIDS will live on as we grow into our new identity. Thank you for being a foundation of meaningful transformation and for guiding my purpose toward greater impact in the world.

Onward with Gratitude,

∞ Vita + Your CosmicKIDS

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