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The Courage & Creativity Continuum

Creativity takes courage. Regardless of the medium, with any creative act we rarely know where it will lead. Even with an element of excitement, creative doing can feel vulnerable because expressing our truth into physical form is an act of becoming.

Small things like winging it with a new recipe, speaking our mind in a new group of people, or striking up a new collaboration are easily overlooked, but these simple courageous acts teach us to trust ourselves as we venture toward the bigger creative leaps that tug on our soul.

If we pause to appreciate what it is that we tend to admire most about those we look up to, it often boils down to courage. It's easy to celebrate the obvious leaps, but what about the small incremental steps? It's these small acts of courage repeated over time that make the biggest difference in where we end up.

Dr. David Hawkins, a world renowned psychiatrist and spiritual teacher, mapped human states of consciousness in a logarithmic scale according to the principles of applied kinesiology. In his decades of research he determined that the emotion of courage and its energetic calibration was the 'fulcrum for change.' He scientifically proved what many of us can attest to through our experience:

Courage is the bridge to change. Courage is the conduit for every great feeling, thought, action, and outcome. And herein lies the comfort of this message if we're feeling lost for courage: creativity is the bridge to courage.

That means we can dance, sing, cook, paint, journal or garden our way from low vibration states like shame and grief to higher states like acceptance, reason, joy and love.

It's not about making a quantum leap in one go. In fact, the expectation to do so can keep us stuck where we are. Instead it's about inching our way to greater capacity and greater states of feeling. It's about releasing control and giving our senses over to a forces bigger than myself.

The key is releasing control over the process and allowing ourselves (or our loved ones) to simply be where we are. Allowing the energy to move through creative expression holds imminent transformation. With practice over time our lower level emotions can be transmuted into higher states of being.

Once we gain familiarity with this alchemical process, we can start to trust our own creativity as the fuel for courage. The exciting part is watching what unfolds on the other side of this baseline connection. With practice, magic unfolds.

If you're not familiar with this process or feel unsure of how to align with this practice in your life there's a simple truth that can guide you:

Allow yourself to be where you are. Notice your thoughts and gently guide them focus on sensations, moments, and feelings of gratitude, connection, ease or love. When you feel it, breathe into it. Practice extending this feeling. This will prime you for relaxation which welcomes creativity and curiosity. The next time an idea or a question appears, follow it. Welcome it. See where the impulse leads.

Notice where you might be willing to try something new and know that the courage to do so holds magic in the evolution of your most creative, authentic self.

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