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What intention are you needing to honor? What reminders do you want to give yourself or other loved ones?  Which colors, images, or words are you needing to see right now to support your growth in this season? 


Whatever it is, it's time to have a one-of-a-kind heARTful creation made, just for you. Not all art is created equal and not all budgets are the same. Welcome to the sliding scale commissions library!


Here's how it works:


∞ Have a 12x12"  painting created in any color combo with any message (words or images optional).  Abstract color or symbols can say a lot when infused with a clear intention.


∞ This size painting ranges from $250-400.


∞ You are welcome and encouraged to pay what you can in that range. If your budget requires a lower amount than $400, please reach out and I will adjust the pricing to your specified amount within the range above.


∞ Prior to creation, we will schedule a time to discuss what colors and intentions you envision for the painting and to determine a delivery date. This intake is best done over the phone, but if time is limited you can opt for a form with all of the details.


∞ Paintings typically take 3-6 weeks to complete, however they can be expedited. For expedited completion or detailed compositions, please consider paying higher on the scale.


∞ For paintings 12x12" and larger please reach out prior to purchase to discuss shipping distance and rates.


∞ Questions? Reach out. I'd love to hear from you.


Why Sliding Scale?


Custom work speaks to a deep place in my heART. l love the connection and intimacy of learning someone's story or even just understanding the intention that drove them to want a piece of art created. Sharing love visually is a calling on my soul.


I have relied on the lower end of sliding scale services to grow my business and improve my health. No shame here! Budgets fluctuate, but everyone should be able to access art that means something to them and fills them with joy.


heART hugs,

∞ Vita

12x12" Custom Painting

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