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All you have to do is look through the pictures to know that I'm OBSESSED with these earrings. They go with everything. I couldn't stop taking pictures with them becuase I was having fun and felt beautiful (and a lot of the time, I feel awkard in front of the camera). 


Ok, now about these show stopping earrings: 3 fluffy tassels in black and white hang below a traingular structure built with onyx, amazonite, and a MYSTERY stone. Yup, (I was tempted to pretend I know what it is, but) I don't know AND I'm okay with it cuz these earrings are fab and everyone should have a pair.


∞ mini collection: 2 pairs only

∞ 3.75" long

∞ lightweight and fabulous

∞ Onyx promotes strength and stamina.

∞ Amazonite is soothing and promotes balance.

∞ please allow 7 days for delivery


Every LunaVita creation comes lovingly gift-wrapped. Each one is made with love and reverence for the creative process. Thank you for shopping LunaVita style and supporting conscious creativity as an integral part of a healthy, happy life.

Carnaval Earrings

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