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Learning about Dr. David Hawkin's Map of Consciousness while reading his book Power Vs. Force created a fundamental shift in my own consciousness.


There are few words that can convey the impact his work has had on my life. Recreating his Map of Consciousness as a painting to hang on my wall was an act of commitment to maintaining my awareness of how my thoughts and feelings impact my reality each day.


This has been a powerful tool in elevating my life.


I share my own creative rendition of Dr. Hawkin's map with you as a gift for your current and future self along with the enouragement to leverage the wisdom of his incredible work.


∞ image is 11x17"

∞ printed on thick cardstock 

∞ free shipping

∞ Made with love and reverence for our capacity to transform challenges into opportunities for growth... and deep appreciation for the original pioneer who conceived of the idea.

Consciousness Map Print 11x17"

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