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Life is sweeter because of the storms, not in spite of them. Embrace the journey in this unique, vibrant limited edition lux tee. Everytime I wear this shirt, I get compiments and feel ready for anything. Plus, it's inspired by one of my favorite paintings I've ever created. Why is that? Keep reading for the story below.


∞ Relaxed fit

∞ Ultra Soft Engineered Jersey Fabric (95% Polyester, 5% Spandex), but feels like this softest, high end cotton.

∞ Machine Washable

∞ Scoop Neck

∞ Free Shipping!


∞ Please use the size chart to measure yourself if you are unsure of your size or reach out with questions. Size featured here is a medium.


∞ These are made to order. Please allow 4 weeks to process. (I know it's a long time, but it's truly worth it. I've cherished mine above any other fast fashion items in my closet. )


∞ Returns and exchanges accepted, however wait times for size exchange is significant due to high quality, made-to-order status. (Customer is responsible for cost of shipping the returned item.) 


∞ Seven years into business and no returns to date :)


Why is this my favorite painting to date?


Because I started it yeeeears ago when I was in dark place. I was working my way through some tough stuff  in therapy and my therapist challenged me to paint what I was feeling.


So I did and I haaaaated it. Black and red and so ugly I couldn’t look at it. I buried it in my garage and one day, years later while we all struggled our way through the early days of shelter in place, I found it.


Pulled it up to the studio with the intention of covering the whole thing over in white for a fresh start…


But it turns out: I’d learned some things over the years and my higher self told me to layer what I on what I’d learned about grief, rage, surrender and healing.


The amount of grace and joy and flow I felt while transforming the ugliness of that original painting was profound.


I’d made it through a big storm in my life and had become stronger, wiser and more graceful because of it. And I feel this same feeling when I wear the clothing inspired by it.


My hope is that you will too. 🌊♾❤️

After the Storm T-shirt

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