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We're so glad you're here, fellow change maker! Before we share more about what we do, it's important to share why we do it and address a question that might be buzzing around your head: What is heartfulness? We realize it's a made up word, but it's one we live by and we believe that the effort to integrate heartfulness into the lives of all people, no matter their age, stage, or circumstance brings greater ease, resilience, and joy to the world. We know that a focus on cultivating the three guiding principles of heartfulness can create a nexus of growth and transformation that ripples from one person into massive positive change in the world.

We're so glad to welcome you to the heARTful revolution!

"Our greatest natural resource is the minds of our children."
-Albert Einstein

What We do

We design, consult, and facilitate a variety of creative and academic programs for non-profits, schools, and families.  We apply the core values of creative play, social-emotional learning, and holistic health practices to provide unique and transformative educational experiences. Through our community partnerships, we have served thousands of kids across the Bay Area and beyond with programs that weave together a deep passion for arts education, equity, literacy, and wellness. Thanks for being here and for joining our team of providers and collaborators in this heARTful revolution.


in simple kindness + curiosity.

Meet Our Team


Vita, Founder
Educational Consultant

From childhood passions to lifelong purpose. Learn more about Vita here.


Project Manager

A highly organized, easy going, and patient human who keeps our projects behind the scenes going strong.

Ms. ClarA,
Creative Counselor

Multi-passionate artist and scientist, with a natural skill for building community and connecting with kids holding it down in Potrero Hill, SF.


Admin. Assistant

The efficient and consistent force of nature behind our heARTful Community Center and more.


Ms. Ana
Creative Counselor

Lifelong artist, writer, photographer, and social case manager who brings humor and realness to the classroom. Holding it down in the Mission District.

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Now Hiring,
Multiple Roles

We are currently looking for a part time video editor and for our next Creative Counselor. If interested, reach out and we'll send you next steps.



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"To be an artist is to believe in life."
-Henri Moore

heARTful Kids has evolved from over fourteen years of educational consulting with children, families, and organizations in the fields of behavioral + play therapy, structured literacy, academic support, counseling and expressive/community arts.


The art and design lines you see here were born from our founder's childhood passions that she put to work as a system of self-care early in her career while providing therapeutic services to families navigating the Autism spectrum.

It was here that she discovered her love for mentoring children and guiding parents/ educators through creative play as a natural way to guide strengths-focused learning. She saw that leveraging art in educational settings brings a holistic focus that deepens emotional intelligence, motivation, and connection. Vita started combining these therapeutic modalities with and art experienced first hand that this work is scientifically proven to be a potent catalyst for cognitive growth in both the children and adults. Over a decade later, we've seen it positively impact thousands of our heARTists across a wide variety of settings, learning styles, and cultural milieus.

As the fields of art, therapy, education, and neuroscience continue to converge, there is a growing space for innovation anchored in scientific research and the certainty that interdisciplinary frameworks like ours are needed in education. Creativity unites us and holds infinite potential for positive change, both personally and collectively. Welcome, heARTist! You're in the right place.

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