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Inspired by the purity of your intentions, you amazing human, you. The Amatista necklace is a simple, yet powerful statement necklace that is the perfect stand alone piece or stackable with your other shorter and longer pieces. It's mid length makes it the perfect layering staple. Pure and simple as is or ready to mix and match for more power, just like your spirit.


∞ raw amethyst chunk is relatively light, no need to fear a weighty necklace

∞ length is 16" (mid length)

∞ also available in citrine

∞ please allow 7-10 business days for arrival


∞ Amethyst clarifies inner peace and raises spiritual vibration. It is a cleansing stone that aids intuition and can support your intentions to cultivate a higher consciousness by dissolving negativity and emotional blockages. 


∞ Citrine is also a cleansing stone that increases creativity, activates intuition, and enhances concetration by dissolving negativity and emotional blockages. 


Every LunaVita creation comes gift-wrapped and personalized with a special touch. Each one is made with love and reverence for creative renewal. Thank you for shopping LunaVita style and supporting conscious creativity as an integral part of a healthy, happy life.

Amatista Necklace

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