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Artists do more than make great art: they learn to lead from the heart.


This mini poster shares the foundation of our Elements of heART program. One side shows the universal tool kit that all artists use to make their ideas visible. On the other it shares our Artist Character Code.


We love watching our heartists enthusiastically color this to add to their portfolio as they get inspiration from the large version we share in each class.


Teaching our young learners that becoming a great artist has more to do with becoming a great human than focusing on the way our art looks is a cornerstone of this program. In the process of exploring the tools  and ideas shared on this 2 part poster, they ususally end up making some pretty cool stuff while discovering some new dimensions of themselves.


This PDF includes two coloring sheets that fit together as one:


∞ ARTISTS Character Code (acronym of the word artists)

∞ Elements of Art Tools with a smiley pep talk for diving in :)


Many of our young artists have enjoyed coloring the designs inside the heart, cutting both sides out, and gluing/taping them together as one big poster.




Elements of heART: Tool Kit Mini Poster

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