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Find Your Way is about the power of transformation to unfold in small steps. A butterfly doesn't start out that way and a caterpillar doesn't strive to become a butterfly. It just is and does what nature intended it to become. Relax and find your way.


∞ image is 6x6"

∞ cut to 8x10" unless otherwise specified at checkout 

∞ printed on cardstock 

∞ frame not included

∞ free shipping


Inspiration: I started the first layers of this painting in grad school and then immediately judged my garish color choice (black and lime green) and sloppy paint strokes, deciding to shove it in the depths of my garage for years.... until 2020 hit and I was forced to create beauty in the acceptance of chaos. May you find your way toward your own unique transformation. 

Find Your Way 8x10

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