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Gamify literacy and celebrate Halloween with this fun Roll-A-Story! We were thrilled to see our littles' imaginations run wild with all sorts of spooky stories and scenes afterward. The motivation to read, write, and draw was strong!


This game was the perfedt brain warmup before getting to make some "Beautiful Oops Style Make-A-Monster" art, which you'll be able to make no problem with these templates... just scroll through to the video at the end for a visual tutorial on this fan favorite, easy project!


This PDF includes:

∞ a hand illustrated story game

∞ a page of hand illustrated cartoon eyes in various styles

∞ a page of hand illustrated cartoon mouths in various styles


Please note: this game will need a die to work, which is not included. If you wanted to turn this activity into a full on STEM opportunity, you could always create your own dice out the Build-A-Cube template.

Halloween Roll-A-Story

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