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If you enjoyed our free Art Grows Your Brain coloring sheet, you're going to love this Mindset Bundle! It includes:


∞ 12 hand illustrated coloring pages to help you and your little one color your way to a growth mindset.

∞ This pdf file includes lifetime access to each of the following coloring sheets:


1)  "Mindset: Your Most Important Tool" coloring sheet

2) "All We Need is Courage + the Right Tools to Start" coloring sheet

3) "It's about leading from the heART" coloring sheet

4) "Every artist was first an amatuer" coloring sheet

5) "Unlock Learning + Fun" coloring sheet

6) "growth mindset key" coloring sheet

7) "fixed mindset lock" coloring sheet

8) "Art Grows Your Brain" Coloring sheet

9) "Growth Mindset Garden" coloring sheet

10) "What Might Grow? Butterfly" Coloring Sheet

11)"ARTititude" coloring sheet

12) "heARTful Kids" coloring sheet


Mindset Coloring Sheet Bundle

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