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This is such a powerful exercise for emerging artists. This simple idea can motivate drawing and tinkering that builds imagination, design thinking, patience and visual literacy.


We've tested sharing this same "game" (often how we present it to the kids) with a blank sheet of paper and the results were not nearly as impressive as when we shared it with this set of visual aides.


This PDF includes 3 guided prompts that guides an emerging artist to hone their observation and drawing skills by repereseting objects with the basic shape of a circle, square, and triangle. It's especially fun when done collaboratively.


Each Imagination Station prompt comes with an adjacent page to inspire greater exploration of their ideas that makes a great option for pairing kids or turning this into a game. 


These six pages make a great activity for any K-5th grade class that can be integrated into any number of literacy, art, STEAM, or SEL curriculum objectives. 


We love using these as a brain warm up exercise before moving into messier hands-on projects after their imaginations are warmed up.

Shape Imagination Station Game

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