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Joy is a state of wonder, peace, and enthusiasm all rolled into one. We all know what it feels like, even if only in small glimpses. Sometimes it can feel elusive. I believe it's our job to cultivate joy for ourselves on a daily basis and that the most fulfilling days are when we can spread joy to others in small ways. 


∞ image is 6x6 inches

∞ print cut to 8x10 inches

∞ printed on cardstock 

∞ frame not included

∞ free shipping


Inspiration: It was actually while painting through the grief of no longer being able to teach art to my K-5 students during shelter-in-place that I made this piece. Teaching creativity and character programs to young kids fills me with joy. Getting to share my passion for art and inspire young minds with tools to find their own unique abilites is awe-inspiring. I love watching them light up when they see me and get to try new things. This painting was my reminder of the joy that children bring and the power of living in a state of joy.

Spread Joy 8x10

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