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about vita

Vita Pascone, M.A. is an educator, artist, and consultant who is known for her heART-centered facilitation and design. She has over 15 years of facilitation experience while engaged in the practice of holistic health, mindfulness, and consciousness studies. With a Masters Degree in Transformative Arts, a life-long commitment to creative practice and hands on experience as a behavioral + play therapist, she serves children and adults through dynamic educational experiences and handmade creations that nurture authentic self-expression and transformation.

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Hi from VITA

Hi heARTful friend! I'm so glad you're here. People and art are my favorite things in the whole world. Coffee, sushi, animals, and adventures in nature are right up there too! 


I have been drawn toward making art since childhood. In fact, thanks to a mom who recognized and supported this, I spent my entire childhood making and studying various art forms. By the time I got to college, though, I decided to focus on studying people instead. Humans are fascinating both as individuals and as a species, aren't we? As interesting as my social science studies were, this time in my life also coincided with some deeply challenging and painful experiences that I didn't know how to navigate. It was a bumpy road, but returning to the art I began making in childhood was what my intuition told me I needed. The courage to answer this call saved me.


Rediscovering my creativity alongside a community of caring, growth focused people completely transformed my life. My career has been a journey to unify what I know and love about people with what I know to be true about the arts: they are a catalyst for healing, meaning-making, and connection. By developing our innate creativity, we expand our capacity for understanding, for uncertainty, and for deeper relationships. I believe all children deserve this foundation for development and the capacity for greater awareness that comes with it. My purpose in life is to wake you up to the love and transformation available in your own creativity, no matter your age or stage of life. I'm here to support you however I can, with coffee and art supplies in hand.


 Making ART
 SAVED my life...

..and now creativity is my lifeline to building a stronger connection with myself, my community + the Earth.

Whether we meet or not, just keep going and keep creating. You got this!

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