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Inspired by universal oneness. The Hamsa Calcedonia earrings are a refined statement. Unique chunks of pale blue banded Chalcedony, cut in multi-faceted chinks dangle below a gold hamsa hand and rainbow pyrite. A sleek and bold pair of earrings designed with your unique, multi-faceted spiritual depth in mind...


∞ mini-collection: 2 pairs for sale

∞ 2.5 inches long

∞ note: due to the large quartz chunk, these are on the heavier side

∞ please allow 7 days for shipping

∞ Blue-Banded Chalcedony imporves interpersonal communication and harmonizes emotions. It promotes a feeling of universal peace through creative oneness. 


Every LunaVita creation comes gift-wrapped and personalized with a special touch. Each one is made with love and reverence for creative renewal. Thank you for shopping LunaVita style and supporting conscious creativity as an integral part of a healthy, happy life.

Hamsa Calcedonia Earrings

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