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It's easy to feel burned out and overwhelmed these days. You're juggling so many responsibilies. 


If you're feeling disconnected from a sense of awe, ease, and flow in your life... then you're not alone and this workshop is for you. Give yourself the gift of  supported self-reflection with this fun and easy creative workshop. It's a great way to restore clarity on which areas of our lives to direct your efforts in the year ahead.


Prioritize your personal growth in a playful exploration of your current heART space. Together, we'll use a unique creative inventory technique called symbolic forecasting to map out a personalized path for your greatest growth in the season ahead.


What is symbolic forecasting?


This is the ultimate creative exercise to reveal your intuitive wisdom. 


Read on to see how you can support your holistic well-being with this “easy, fun, and illuminating” workshop...



Next workshop session will be held:

Saturday, October 15th 10am-12 pm PST*

*If you are interested in this workshop, but this date doesn't work for you, please reach out to be added to the waiting list for the next group session, or consider purchasing and recieve a full video recording on Oct. 16th to follow along on your own.



∞ Adults 18+

∞ This workshop is ideal for caretakers (moms, dads, teachers, business owners, community leaders, and other helpers) or anyone who wants to prioritze their personal growth in the year ahead.

∞ Past workshop participants have shared profound insights that brought them peace in the moment, clarity, and "insight" into their mental and spiritual needs moving forward.

∞ Julia shared: "This was fun! I feel grounded and inspired, which is refreshing right now."

∞ A previous attendee, Barbara A. said: " I enjoyed this class so much! I'd give it a 10!”

∞ Anonymous shared: "My experience was really eye opening. A lot of things that are going on with my personal life made more sense with this workshop..."




∞ This is the ultimate holistic health planning guide based on an ancient creative inventory and diagnostic tool. 

∞ Together, you will create your map to greater wholeness and clarity using your innate creativity. No prep and no creative skill required. This is a come as you are event that will empower you to leave feeling inspired, aligned, connected and ready to implement your insights. 



∞ This workshop is held online via zoom. 

∞ You will receive a reminder email with the link to workshop along with aan optional PDF to print prior to the workshop.



It's always a good time to get centered in yourself through low-stakes creativity. Cultivating deeper intuition and leaning into community is powerful catalsyt for revealing clarity, especially as we enter a new year. This is an invitation to honor your whole self where you are and a chance to map a path forward leveraging your innate creativity and intuition. Past participants have left this workshop with fresh intentions, clarity, and tangible steps to help them realize their intentions moving forward.



You hold the answers within already. 

This is a guided opportunity to uncover them.

∞Together, we will map the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual work that will best serve you in the year ahead.



∞ All you need is a pencil (and maybe colored pencils if you want to get your inner kiddo excited), a piece of paper (or printed version of the downloadable PDF you'll recieve upon purchase), an open mind, and an open heART.




∞When I was first introduced to this practice in grad school eight years ago, it had a profound impact on how I viewed and prioritized my personal growth. It was especially powerful for me at the time becuase I was just coming to understand the role of my creativity as an integral part of my sprituality and personal growth process. It also helped me see that this work is deeply tied to my mental and emotional helath. It's all connected, right?


∞ I now use this process at least once per year, often seasonally. Each time, I find peace of mind knowing that tapping into my intuitive knowing through my creaity will guide me to important places and the next steps in my journey. 


Note: You DO NOT need to identify as "creative" to benefit from this workshop.  If you can draw stick people, you can do this with ease.


Questions? Don't hesitate to reach out.

The Year Ahead: Symbolic Forecasting Workshop

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