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Gratitude is a significant, scientifically validated predictor of happiness, health, and fulfillment. Gratitude is one of the core values of heartfulness and the more we think, speak, and act from a place of gratitude, the more it is amplified in our lives.


This PDF Activity Pack inculdes 10 Templates:


1∞ Hands sprinkling seeds of gratitude.

2∞ Gratitude star reflection sheet.

3∞ An "Attitude of Gratitude" confetti celebration coloring sheet

4∞ Mini letters of gratitude to gift to 4 people

5∞ Gratitude Cube Activity

6∞ "Itty Bitty Gallery of Gratitude" drawing exercise

7∞ "I appreciate myself..." butterfly cycle letter/drawing prompt

8∞ "Gratitude is the key to feeling good" key coloring sheet

9∞ "Gratitude Inventory Heart Map" project

10∞ We're grateful for you, heARTful one" rainbow coloring sheet


All made with love and gratitude for you and your little one.

Gratitude Activity Bundle

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