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Any fellow Harry Potter fans in the house? Upon purhcase, you will receive a PDF copy to keep, store, print and share.


 Use this template to help you share the joy of transcending mugglehood. There's no better way to enjoy a book- or most other things- than in the good company of other fans. 


Vitavcreated this template as a support for a 4th grade student who loved Harry Potter and read fluently, but was challenged by comprehension. She would often speed read and not remember what she had just read. Using this workesheet helped her develop comprehension, accountability for slowing down/reading regularly, and excitement for the ability to share in the magic of the stories she was reading. It also improved her writing abilities without her noticing.


We share in hopes that it will provide some magic to your little wizards. 

Happy reading and sharing,  magical friends!


Fun Fact from Vita:

When I was a kid, my family took me to England to visit some extended family just as JK Rowling was introducing the first book in Europe. My sister and I were hooked before it even hit the US and I truly enjoyed sharing our mutal discovery of the wizarding world together. I would have loved having this worksheet to deepen the experience and track my reading as I was building my confidence in reading chapter books.

Harry Potter Book Club

  • ∞ When you purchase your PDF or bundle, you will receive a link to your file(s) immediately after purchase. You will have the option to print or save for later. The link will be good for up to 30 days, but the file is yours to keep forever.

    ∞ Bundles packages containing multiple files will be accessible through an immediate link to a zip file.

    ∞ If you feel dissatidfied with your template or unsure of how to best implement it as a tool, reach out. I'd be happy to provide you with some tips and tricks for success. Also, I haven't had any complaints yet, however all feedback is good feedback.

    ∞ These are all designed by hand, by me. You will not find them anywhere else. I have built creative and academic programs for K-6th grade for the past 10 years and these have all been successful aids in wide range of classroom and 1:1 settings with a many diverse learners. 

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