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A unique cream quilted knit cotton with a subtle floral pattern textured into the fabric and those rich spun silk style art print cap sleeves! I just wanna see this with a voluminous maxi skirt or some kick ass high waist koolots and some bright red lips. Maybe a fauxhawk. Dramatic, I know and I love it. Please, somone DO it! #fashiondreamcometrue




size:  (M)agical // US 8

material: described in detail above, cotton knit and 100% cotton

measurements below 

bust: 16" unstretched from pit to pit/ 32" circumference unstretched (super stretchy!) upto 20" pit to pit/ 40" circumference

length: 15" from shoulder to base of crop top

care instructions: Machine wash, gentle cycle. Hang to dry. Cool iron if needed.


shipping: Garment is shipped USPS with tracking number (upon request). Please allow 10-14 days for arrival. (Often it arrives sooner if you live in the US.)

storage: Clothing is stored in temperature controlled space inside a garment bag, unworn until purchase. It is freshly washed prior to shipping.

COVID: I purposely don't wear these garments while modeling to respect current health considerations. I hold them up to give you an idea of fit and vibe.


STORY/ Inspiration:


When I make clothes, I can feel when they have a home to go to. There's a feeling of something almost preverbal, primal, powerful; a rawness and also a deep connection to lineage. I feel a deep sense of gratitude for my ancestry (my grandmother taught me to sew) and a grace amidst the grittiness of this modern paced life. The feeling of slowing down to tansform literal scraps from our lives into whole pieces that serve the slow daily unfolidng of a rich and powerful tapestry of life.


These garments symbolize our interconnectednss as whole and our uniqueness as an important part of that whole. Sometimes it takes a while, but each piece seems to land with its rightful person as they navigate their unique journey of a universal search for meaning.


This  Top:

The sleeves of this top were scraps of a skirt I was making whicch serendipitously landed on another, bigger scrap of fabric. Well hello, rustic elegance!

Painted Polkadots Crop Top

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