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Color is sceintifically proven to alter our feelings and  overall mood. Own your power to make yourself feel joy. Be bold. You are the queen of your inner and outer worlds. You choose how you experience reality. The Reina de Colores earrings are rockin' some polymer clay jewels in pink, green, and white with copper accents and pink crystal beads, a reminder of a queen's privelege and responsibility.


∞ limited edition: 2 pair mini collection

∞ 4" long

∞ please allow 7 days for shipping



Every LunaVita creation comes gift-wrapped and personalized with a special touch. Each one is made with love and reverence for creative renewal. Thank you for shopping LunaVita style and supporting conscious creativity as an integral part of a healthy, happy life.

Reina de Colores Earrings

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