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Twelve hand-illustrated templates targeting short 'a' cvc pattern words. This is an ideal teaching tool for young kids that encourages reading, writing, and attending through picure matching and fill-in the blank. Appropriate for Kinder/1st Graders or a developmental level of 4-6 years.


We tested this on 50 Kindergarten and 1st grade students with exciting results! 90% of students improved their letter recognition and site word recall after completing all 12 activities. 96% said they enjoyed it. 80% asked for more!


Zip file includes 12 downloadable + printable PDFs:


1) short_a{read+find_picture_search}

2) short_at{house}

3) short_ad{icecream}

4) short_ag{tree}

5) short_an{raincloud}

6) short_am{watercolor}

7) silly_gum{_at}

8) silly_gum{_ad}

9) silly_gum{_ag}

10) silly_gum{_an}

11) short_a_{bubbles_girl}

12) short_a_{bubbles_boy}



Literacy Fun for Kinder/ 1st Grade: Short A Vowel Bundle

  • ∞ When you purchase your PDF or bundle, you will receive a link to your file(s) immediately after purchase. You will have the option to print or save for later. The link will be good for up to 30 days, but the file is yours to keep forever.

    ∞ Bundles packages containing multiple files will be accessible through an immediate link to a zip file.

    ∞ If you feel dissatidfied with your template or unsure of how to best implement it as a tool, reach out. I'd be happy to provide you with some tips and tricks for success. Also, I haven't had any complaints yet, however all feedback is good feedback.

    ∞ These are all designed by hand, by me. You will not find them anywhere else. I have built creative and academic programs for K-6th grade for the past 10 years and these have all been successful aids in wide range of classroom and 1:1 settings with a many diverse learners. 


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