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Spring Forth // Colorful Pastel Women's Plus Size Tribal Print Crop Tunic Blouse // Crocheted Peach Wool Sweater 

A special, one of a kind top featuring a short pastel tribal pattern in the front and a long peach crocheted sweater in the back. The loose flow of the short front and the draping of the long back create a unique and comfortable Spring style...effortless bohemian comfort... great year round in temperate climates.

Spring Forth // Colorful Tribal Print Crop Tunic

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  • \\// Measurements of Garment (in inches)\\//

    Size of Top is L)uminous / XL)uminous

    Length Front (from mid neckline to hem): 19"

    Length Back: 29"Width at Waist: 22" (circumference= 44")

    \\// Materials used \\//

    Front of shirt: cotton fabric

    Back of shirt: wool sweater

    \\// Care for Garment \\//Hand wash with cool water. Line dry. 

    \\// Handmade Considerations \\//This is a handmade, one-of-a-kind garment. Every SolaVita garment is designed, cut, dyed, constructed, and sewn by hand- one at a time. Some come directly from fabric that I source along the West Coast while others are recycled from old clothing and material. The handmade quality- sometimes discernible as occasional and subtle imperfections- are a natural and beautiful part of this process. Any "birthmarks" are unique to each garment and add the character and heart of the SolaVita brand.

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    \\Please read SolaVita's shop policies before purchase.//

    Every SolaVita creation is made with intention, appreciation, and reverence for the creative process; each one comes lovingly gift-wrapped. By shopping SolaVita you are supporting the idea that the act of creating is an essential part of life. Thank you for supporting this vision… SolaVita style.\\// Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments. I'd love to hear from you. \\//© SolaVita 2014

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