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Unlock Your Inner Artist is an introduction to a unique heARTful tool kit designed for K-8 kids (or big kids at heART) who wish to develop their creativity. This adventure emphasizes that the most important tool, your mindset, is one that you already have and can be developed in fun and simple ways.


In this 30 page workbook, aspiring artists will build fine motor skills and imagination through coloring and doodling prompts that differentiate between growth and fixed thinking. It also plants the seed that great artists do more than make great art and charts a course for the character development content in the adventures ahead.


Each page is an opportunity to build a foundation of heARTfulness through mindful coloring and drawing while building confidence in your ability to grow your mindset through creative practice.


This book can stand alone, but is designed as a foundational exploration of the skills and tools covered in our heARTful adventure books 2-9. Even high school students and adults have found interest and meaning in these activities!


If you'd rather have a printed copy please join our waitlist and we will email you as soon as it's officially available to order on Amazon!


Our mindset matters no matter what we choose to pursue, but developing yourself as an artist is a guaranteed path to strengthening your mindset with an added bonus of being fun and rewarding! Learning to express your ideas is a valuable skill transferable to any endeavor. Might as well do it with heART!

Adventure #1: Unlock Your Inner Artist Printable Activity Book

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