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You too can transform pain into beauty through conscious self-compassion and a willingness to grow through what you go through. Transformation doesn't feel graceful. It feels gritty, but the willingness to feel it, be in it and take simple steps toward self-care can have a cumulative healing effect.


∞ limited edtion print; only 10 in existence

∞ hand embellished with gold leaf

∞ 12 x 12" 

∞ printed on extra thick card stock

∞ free shipping

∞ please allow 7-10 days for arrival


Story behind this piece:


*Trigger Warning*


When I was 21, I was raped. Creating this piece was a cathartic and transformative part of my healing process. Reclaiming A Peaceful Energy gave me agency as I released the shame I had been holding and reframed my experience into an opportunity for growth. I emerged from the making of this portal (the orginal was a large mixed media painting inside of a window), as a new version of myself. I enjoy looking at this piece every day and now I feel called to share its magical healing powers with you.


We all have our own trauma;  some with a small t and some with a capital T. 2020 alone was traumatic, but it also gave us a new foundaiton for growth and healing from enduring eye-opening hardships collectively.


Give yourself a visual reminder of your own strength and resilience with Reclaiming a Peaceful Energy. 

Reclaiming A Peaceful Energy, 12 x 12" Hand Embellished Print

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