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Inspired by our daily dance with chance and intention. The Candelabro Earrings are so versatile that they may be my top go-to pair. Geometric brass triangles above a dancing curtain of pyrite chunks and glass chandelier drops, separated by rainbow hematite beads


∞ 4" long

∞ mini collection: 2 pairs available in each color

∞ available in black and irridescent purple glass beads; select at checkout

∞ please allow 7 days for shipping


∞ Pyrite supports one in finding their own path. It boosts energy and promotes optimism and action toward pursuing one's dreams. It is said to attract prosperity.


∞ Hematite is a grounding stone that protects and balances. It enhances memory and supports clear thinking to ultimately assist in revealing hidden aspirations. It facilitates acting on aspireations with insistence.


Every LunaVita creation comes gift-wrapped and personalized. Each one is made with love and reverence for the creative process. Thank you for shopping LunaVita style and supporting conscious creativity as an integral part of a healthy, happy life.

Candelabro Earrings

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