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This live virtual art class is designed to cultivate community, growth mindset thinking, and creative problem solving for K-5th grade learners. A single class lasts an hour, but the PDF packet and extension work provided will leave you with weeks worth of content for your students.


Each hour long class is based on a theme that is taught through a popular children's book. Students will have a chance to introduce themselves, learn a new growth-mindset concept, experience a story that illustrates the concept, and apply the concept in a themed creation to commemorate the experience.




helps your students embrace mistakes as the path toward learning. We will talk about the power of our mindset, our ideas, and the brilliant idea of Beautiful Oops. We will practice our Beautiful Oops skills with some playful prompts to prime our brains for embracing mistakes as we challenge ourselves to design a map of our very own mistakes world. If you are interested in a different theme, please reach out.


Once you place your order, we will reach out to schedule the field trip date along with one 30 minute planning session prior to the field trip. This will help us tailor the experience to your class community.


After the planning session, you will recieve your Mistakes World PDF packet, an overview of the upcoming class, and some extension practice ideas to deepen learning and expand fun after the class.


Past field trip attendees have shared their glowing feedback:


"This was so awesome! I loved how it all unfolded! My students were fully on board with everything you brought up with them. They were so engaged. "

-4th Grade Teacher

"The PDF is so great! I loved that you provided extension work that fits directly into our Science curriculum, making it easy."

-4th Grade Teacher


"I was delighted to see how imaginative one of my students was with ADHD. I know busy his mind is, but I have never seen the artwork to match what is happening inside his brain."

-4th Grade Teacher

Mistakes World LIVE Virtual Field Trip + Activity Book

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