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Have big goals or feeling overwhelmed by a flood of tasks?


Using this planner streamlined so much of my mental clutter. I developed this daily system after years of trial and error, following realizations while taking a class in mindfulness. 


Time management is mind managment. Afte using this tool every day for three months, I have adopted this system into a series of morning rituals that have radically changed my days and increased my level of productivity. The wild part? Increased productivity has come from doing less.


After purchase, print out enough copies for two weeks ("but the paper waste!" I know, I know. Just do it. It will be worth it.) Use this planning system every morning for two weeks and you will soon be integrating this approach into your morning journaling and/or current scheduling system without having to write it down. 


Follow it up by reading the Peace by Piece blog post with 5 tips for decreasing mental clutter and you're on a solid track to prodictivity and peace.


It truly helped me and I know it can for you if you give yourself two weeks to build the habit.


Peace by Piece Daily Planning Tool

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