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Resistance. It's real.

And often shows up most noticeably when we set our minds to do something meaningful.

Internal, external... are you in it? I know I have been. Many seem to be.

In the connection between inner and outer resistance I believe there is valuable learning. Precious opportunities for growth-- the kind that can shape us into the people we need to become to best serve the purpose that calls us in our short blip on this planet.

No matter who you are-- regardless of your gender, ethnicity, socioeconomic or cultural background-- the resistance of life often becomes our Urban University.

And sometimes we need help navigating the coursework....

This post is a call to action to support a collaboration between two great causes that support single mothers and children who are in, and likely have known little else but resistance.

For the month of September, Vita Lifestyle Design is teaming up with Urban University, an incredible nonprofit and training initiative in Oakland, which offers mentorship and job training for single mothers who are transitioning off of public assistance programs and stepping into self-provision.

Come shop any of the VITA Lifestyle lines at Urban University near Lake Merritt (3241 Grand Ave. Oakland, CA 94610). Take home your goodies knowing that 50% of your purchase supports the expansion of UU's program mission and the other half supports CosmicKIDS through program expansion and art supplies as we enter a new fiscal year (and some exciting growth serving hundreds of kids).

While I admit my resistance has felt especially challenging this August, relative perspective reminds me that my first world problems are pale in comparison to most.

To take my eyes off myself and put my creativity in service to helping others is at the core of my values. It has been my own personal experiences of trauma that have provided me with ample coursework from Life's university, ultimately shaping my value system. With this work, a humble request for supportive collaboration.

Let's recreate what it means to face resistance together...

*(This crowd funding collaboration will last through all of September with a reception party on Thursday 9.7.17 from 6-9pm)* But, your donations and shopping for this meaningful cause can continue far into the bright future of UU.

Not in Oakland? That's ok... you can order through the website :)

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