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Creative Collaboration

Collaboration is a skill. Like other forms of creativity it is essential to our growth and survival as humans. What is beautiful about the collaborative process is that through a shared goal, we get to become both a teacher and a student alongside someone in a new way.

It's a chance for both people or organizations to grow their leadership and align their processes with the values that drive their work.

Collaboration with various non-profits, schools, and families over the past decade has been a defining factor in both my growth as an individual and in our growth as an organization. For these reasons and so many more we couldn't be more excited to announce our newest collaboration for spring and summer...

Drum roll please...✨

We couldn't be more excited to announce yet another partnership with Go Girls! Oakland! This time it runs deeper than a single summer or gratitude camp.

This spring we are teaming up to consult on ways to develop the Go Girls! curriculum. This opportunity to help deepen the Go Girls! pedagogy is such an honor because they have already created such powerful pathways that empower girls and gender expansive youth through creativity, leadership development, and collaboration.

We knew from the first time we worked together that we shared similar values and approaches to educating and inspiring children. This new phase of collaboration takes the work deeper. We will be exploring ways to amplify their culture code, to bring in other experts in the field of education, and to embody our "boldest and bravest" selves while having as much fun as we can along the way.

This is a next level collaboration for both of our organizations and for the youth we are so passionate about serving. Stay tuned!

And if you have a 1st-8th grade rising star in your household this summer, you're going to want to empower them with this unique opportunity for meaningful self-expansion.

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