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Lead From the heART

There are times when our brains are the muscle that we need to strengthen and there are times when we need to trust our hearts to lead us.

When we feel stuck or "off" it's often because we're overthinking. What we need most in these moments is to slow down and redirect our attention to the wisdom and intuition available from attending to our heart space. This is a skill that must be developed in the fast pace of our modern world. When we make time to relax our minds and strengthen our hearts, we feel more at ease, more alive, more courageous, more compassionate and creative. These human qualities can never be outsourced and will only become increasingly valuable over time.

The meaning of heARTfulness is two fold: it represents our deep love for the arts in awakening new levels of consciousness, but it also encompasses how central compassion, character, and courage are to defining the quality of our lives.

If you don't consider yourself very woo, the idea that humans operate with a shared heart may sound strange, but it's absolutely true. Our hearts are intelligent and belong to a collective consciousness. Our thoughts and emotions carry energetic frequencies that impact all aspects and all other living things in our lives. When someone says "I feel you," they mean it.

When we have the courage to lead from the heart, our lives open up. Our relationships with ourselves and others begin to thrive in new ways when we make a conscious commitment to this work. When our values are front and center in our lives, we make more space for authenticity and creative thinking.

There's a full circle quality to the daily decision to lead from the heart. As we wake up to our passions, gifts, and desire for deeper meaning, we inspire others to do the same. This decision comes back to us in moments when we feel lost or hopeless for two reasons. One: leading from the heart is a set of muscles that gets strengthened with each choice to do so, making it easier to find our way back. Two: our contribution to the collective heart cloud is like a deposit that we get to withdraw from when we need to.

Magic lives in our willingness to stay tapped into this truth. Our initial decision to lead from the heart carries with it reciprocity that has a healing quality in our lives and relationships. When we lead from the heart, our actions empower others to contribute to the collective landscape, which in turn inspires us when the going gets tough....and boy, we already know it can get tough.

The learning inherent in a heart-centered approach to life over time builds our capacity for leadership. This work is transformative not only on our lives personally and professionally, but on the lives of others in our global community.

So take the first step and lead from the heart. It's not a one and done choice, it's a moment by moment decision that you were born to make.

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