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There comes a point in every woman’s life where she must choose: between faith and fear, between hope and disbelief, between love and judgement. This point might not be one defining moment, but a series of small shifts that compound; a breaking and rebuilding of her soul moment by moment.

Daily heartbreak sets the foundation for a commitment to owning the one short life she has been given and for fiercely loving all parts of it as a complete expression of her unique grace. She is a work in progress and the grittiness of her unfolding is pure beauty.

The realization of this creates an opening to a new way of living that begins a process of steady transformation. Little by little, each day opens an opportunity for a new agreement with life itself and a call for stewardship of her own unique inner crossroads.

This mind. This body. This story. This spirit.

She must either double down on love, choosing to lean towards awareness and compassion in the breaking and rebuilding of her heart while learning how to embody her wild, quirky and true self…. or slowly shrink.

Will she descend into the rigid mold of others’ loud perceptions or will she take up space, make a mess and create her own reality?

The decision, either way, becomes an agreement that she must revisit often as the north star toward her own becoming.

She is me.

She is you.

We are one.

And meant for greatness.

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