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Arrange Reality Tastefully

You don't have to venture too far into the land of woo to recognize that we each occupy different plains of reality. Sure, there's the collective 2023 reality that we all share, but even this varies drastically across different locations, social scapes, and mindsets.

The variables--and their resulting energetic calibrations--are staggering. I'm not sure whether this is more true on the macro or micro level, but in either sphere there is power here when we slow down and unpack this truth.

Being something of a woo nerd, I've spent the last decade studying how the arts, human consciousness, neuroscience, and quantum physics converge to bring science and spirituality closer together.

Science has now proven that our thoughts are things on an energetic level. Whether this idea is new or old for you it brings with it sustained responsibility and opportunity. If we don't like our current reality, the first and most powerful way to shift it is to evaluate and change our thinking.

The idea is easily dismissible in its simplicity, but powerful in practice. We get to choose our thoughts. It's all too easy in today's fast paced world to run on autopilot, but the daily practice of calibrating our energy by noticing our thoughts, resulting emotions, and the behavioral patterns they create is a game changer.

This practice brings new meaning to the word art. We get to make the practice of choosing our thoughts an art form that will ultimately shift our experience of reality. It sounds woo, and it is, but it's also science. Arranging our inner experience to recreate our external reality is a skill that's not easily mastered, but one that rewards the persistent in profound ways.

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