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Meet the Team!

For years I grew this mission by myself, but even as a solo-preneur in the early days, I felt like the collaborations and partnerships I created made the work feel like a more of a 'we' pursuit, than just me. But now, it's time to pause and celebrate because WE are now a team of FIVE! 🎉

...And that feeling of aligned partnerships with other organizations and schools only adds to the sense that WE are growing massively as we work on BIG, meaningful things!

I couldn't be more excited and grateful that this work is officially carried by a small, but scrappy, growing and big-heARTed team. Last month, we welcomed two new incredible humans to our team as Creative Counselors! In my excitement to share the news and more about the expertise they bring, I realized that I've never officially shared the other amazing women who have been helping grow our mission behind the scenes.

✨ Introducing... Team heARTful Kids ✨

✨ Meet Clara!

Clara is a recent Grad from the University of Oregon with a degree in Biological Anthropology! She is also a vibrant artist and all around she-ro that you just want to be around. Clara has been a part of the Go Girls! community for as long as she can remember; beginning as a camper herself and rising through the ranks to Camp Director. Her winning personality, multi-faceted passions, and effortlessly fun leadership style makes her a magical fit to lead our program at the Protrero Hill site.

✨ Meet Ana!

Ana is a life long artist who has significant experience as a social worker for adults with Alzheimers. She is multilingual and loves teaching art to people of all ages as a way to empower them with tools for self-expression and connection. She is an interdisciplinary artist specializing in photography, writing, and a variety of other media. holds a Master's Degree in Museum studies. Her caring, inquisitive and humorous nature makes her a natural fit to lead at our site in the Mission.

✨ Meet Morgan!

Morgan is that jill-of-all-trades style project manager that you want working on any project you need help with. She's organized, efficient, wildly patient and kind. We have been so lucky to have her help managing multiple projects behind the scenes as we grow. From troubleshooting tech, to creating Linked In pages, to spearheading our Pinterest page, and more.. this lady is moving the needle with saintly patience for developing systems.

✨ Meet Cassie!

Cassie is the ninja behind the scenes of our growing heARTful Activity Center. She has the best attitude and is a pro at building out our membership portal for our heART Club families. It was clear from day one that she is moved by our mission. We've got some exciting new projects on the horizon and I am so grateful to have Cassie as the woman responsible for making them available to you on the website.

✨ It Me!

I can't tell you how grateful I am for these humans, for you, and for those working alongside us to create heARTful change in the world. I created heARTful Kids because pursuing artistic practice-- and broadening my definition of creative inquiry-- has been a lifeline for me and conduit for profound learning. Passing on the tools I have collected through my studies has become an obsession. The world needs more courageous, compassionate, creative leaders like you.

✨ Thank you for being here, fellow heARTful human. ✨

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