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The Artist Character Code

This week we welcomed four new classes to our community at two different schools in San Francisco. Introducing this program looks different each year. The projects we choose, the games we play, the books we read— all of these things are interchangeable.

In fact we have developed a strong framework called the Artist Character Code that allows for this kind of flexibility and creativity in program implementation while still holding on to the essence of what makes our Elements of heART program unique.

The core tenets remain the same:

We believe that every human is an artist at heART; we just need the right tools and the courage to stART. We also know that regardless of the medium or the idea, an artist’s most important tool is their mindset.

Our program becomes a training ground for building hard skills alongside strong character because we know that being a great artist is about so much more than making great art; it’s about leading from the heART!

heARTful Kids emerge from the program with a clear understanding of growth and fixed mindset along with tools for practicing growth mindset thinking as a path toward more fun and faster learning.

Having adapted this program successfully for K-5th it's wild to see the kids at each end of this age spectrum find meaning and run with it. It's easy to believe that the Kinders are too young to get it or that the 5th graders are too cool to care, but each class surprises us with their receptivity and interest in leading from the heART (expanding their mindset and strengthening their character) as they learn to make beautiful art.

We are so excited to welcome all of our new heARTISTS and we're also so excited to have such caring and skilled new Creative Counselors in the classroom to help guide these future leaders.

We hope your school year is off to a fun and meaningful stART! ✨💖✨ And if you're not involved in the school year transition anymore, we hope that you take this seasonal shift to reconnect to the people, places, and ideas that inspire you to strengthen your artist's heART.

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