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Creative Callings

Our dreams are a calling on our spirits to fulfill a unique purpose.

Sometimes they whisper, sometimes they scream, sometimes they do strange things in our lives to get our attention. Are you tuned into yours?

All callings require us to respond creatively. Whether it's a career move, filling a community need, writing that book, starting that business, pivoting that business or trying a new hobby, creativity and courage are the conduits for responding.

Uncovering our callings is a journey and a gift. It will be filled with inevitable challenges and joys that have the power to shape us into new versions of ourselves. Any creative process is a dance of grit and grace; answering your calling is no exception.

Sustained listening to the twists and turns of your calling takes courage, intuition and deep commitment to self-care. Given that we are called-- and hopefully responding-- within a society that rewards and glamorizes 'hustle and grind' mentality, the ability to know when it's time to rest and when it's time to produce becomes an art form in itself.

There's an inevitable tension in the conversation that unfolds. My prayer for you is that you lean into the people and activities that support you in this creative work even when it feels messy and unknowable.

Highs and lows abound and your calling may take a lifetime, but it's yours. Honor it by showing up and giving it a shot. You may surprise yourself in the process and it may shape you into the exact version of yourself that this world needs.

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