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Trust Your Rhythms

As the world reopens (at least that's the hope Delta scares aside), it's also speeding back up.

Have you noticed in yourself the need to match it?

From parents, I'm hearing a consistent concern to catch their kids up from learning they may have missed during shelter in place. I'm hearing similar pressures from educators. From other business owners and social enterprises, I'm hearing the need to catch up on revenue and donations lost.

For many, we're feeling the pressure to keep up; to return to a pace that took slowing down in the first place to realize: it wasn't sustainable.

Stay slow. As you return to work, school, new or returning rhythms this fall, this is a reminder that it's okay to slow down and go at your own pace. There's no rush.

You don't gain anything by hurrying other than a sense of urgency that fuels anxiety. Anxiety and fear burn the energy you need to create, parent, connect and produce.

Remember to breathe.

Make time for the small moments and rituals that fuel your larger routines.

Trust your rhythms. Even if they don't match the pace of the outer world, they are yours for a reason.

Lean in and listen. You got this. You are enough. Our world is better with you in it, so give it your best and slow down if you need to.

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