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As humans, our reference point for our desires and for what to focus on is always changing. It's in our nature. We know craving and desire well. Wanting can be a helpful tool to guide growth and action, but it must be managed through awareness of our human tendencies.

Learning to overcome our innate negativity bias to slow down and appreciate all aspects of our experience is often the fastest way to feeling better. Often, appreciation is the bridge to getting where we want to go next.... or at least to inspiring creative ways to take a step out of the muck and take action.

In this moment, you are totally new. Whether you choose to see that, appreciate and act from it determines how you feel and what you believe is possible for you.

Us humans are constantly evolving, moment by moment. Take a breath and know that right now you are free to choose who you are, how you will be and what you will do as you become you.

Sometimes the best way forward toward that becoming is to get still and simply rest. Being human is hard and the world needs you to keep being you.

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