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ART= Arrange Reality Tastefully

My mission here at the Center for Conscious Creative Change is to inspire and empower you to connect to your creativity and to understand that connection as a conduit for transformation.

This means making art more accessible and broadening our collective definition of art.

If you are like many people out there who don't consider themselves an artist or who don't identify as "very creative" (even though you love to do creative things like cook, garden, plan special events, teach, sing... or any of the other special things you like to do)...

know that art is all around you, within you, and this is a divine wake up call to see the creativity that dwells in and around you.

Every semester I facilitate new conversations with our CosmicKIDS to assess and expand their definitions of art. Early on in my teaching journey, I remember a kindergartner named Simon who loved to draw. I asked some questions to help reiterate the idea that art has many forms and the class was throwing out amazing examples: martial arts, cartoons, games, books, jungle gyms and a whole list of impressive ideas for their age.

Simon's eyes got wide as he was taking it all in. His chest puffed up in preparation to belt out his truth: "Look around! Everything is art!"

He looked around the room slowly and everyone followed. I will never forget the magic of watching those small beings see things anew. We adults need regular reminders of this too, especially now in this wild time and space in human history.

When we broaden our definitions of art it means we must embrace-- and make time for-- the less obvious and glamorous processes involved in creativity: rest, organization, cleaning, incubation, assessment, investigation and letting go.

To embrace a broader definition brings greater liberation and responsibility.

Our art is bigger than a craft, hobby, business, garden, project, profession, cause or even movement. Life is art.

When we can embrace that our lives are about co-creating something meaningful and beautiful, not in spite of our 'flaws' but because of them, we open ourselves to greater compassion and courage to live our unique calling.

In pursuit of our calling, we can design a life we love. Not a perfect picture, but a messy ever-changing installation of our values and passions and desires.

We can arrange our realities tastefully and revel in our changing tastes as we learn and grow along the way.

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