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Colorful Imagination

The transformative power of the Elements of heART program— and really any learning opportunity— lies not only the principles it's based on, but in human imagination and our natural inclination toward growth. True transformation lies in our ability to joyously facilitate theoretical knowledge into meaningful experiences that can ultimately become habits, integrated belief systems and new paradigms.

Imagination is a natural human gift. It can't be taught directly, but it can be invited, guided and developed. According to some of the greatest known minds in human history, imagination is one of the most important traits a human can cultivate… and children are innate imagineers.

Creating learning spaces that provide structured opportunities to develop ones' imaginative skills is an important pursuit of any 21st century educational model.

We need our children to be thought leaders; we need them to feel well versed in considering new possibilities and empowered to imagine outcomes that prior generations might have considered impossible. Expanding our understanding of what’s possible starts with seeing existing possibilities and being given the time and space to explore our own imaginations.

The Colorful Imagination adventure is designed to leverage color theory as a bridge to exactly that. What we see as color is the reflection of specific light waves (energy) that bounce off of an object. Is it any wonder then that color directly impacts our mood, our subconscious and by extension our behavior?

In this learning adventure, young heartists explore the basics of color theory and apply their exploration of these relationships to creative challenges. They get to visit surreal worlds in their Little Hands workbooks with colorful invitations to create their own.

The Colorful Imagination adventure is the half way point of the program and is designed to reconnect facilitators and learners to the power of play with a focus on color relationships that have the power to inspire our imaginations.

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