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Hidden Curriculum

Hidden Curriculum is an idea that has become an increasing area of focus for educators. Hidden curriculum refers to the implicit values, beliefs and perspectives that emerge in an educational space outside of the intended curriculum.

It's the set of unspoken messages students receive in between lessons.

For me, this brings an even greater responsibility to understand myself, unpack and inventory unconscious beliefs, and cultivate growing awareness of my blindspots. It's work I'd choose to do anyway, but the stakes become higher when we have a direct impact on forming minds.

The thing is: our minds are always forming and changing. The latest neuroscience research proves that even while neuroplasticity decreases as we age, our brains are still capable of significant change throughout our lives.

Life outside of formal education offers us all a hidden curriculum.

The question is: will you lean inward, study accordingly and be willing to be tested?

Or will you let yourself be distracted by the fads and fast pace of the outside world?

Your decision determines your ascension in yourself and ultimately what you create in this lifetime. Whether you're a teacher or not, your willingness to engage as a perpetual student determines the grade and quality of your life.

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