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Let Color Be A Guide

Color is a powerful influence. Its impact on our emotions and psychology is easily overlooked, but color and the light behind our perception possesses huge power on our physical and mental well-being.

Think of how good you feel stepping into sunlight after 8 hours under florescent lights or how welcome sunshine is after weeks of grey rain. A part of you awakens in a new way. Nothing was quite wrong before, but the light invigorates you to new vistas of yourself.

That's exactly how it feels when we reach our Colorful Imagination adventure every semester. We're moving through the first three adventures and then boom-- light-- and things start to shift in exciting ways. After weeks of foundation building: cultivating mindful awareness, unpacking mindset, clarifying responsible choice-making, and building trust through our programming, the fun of playing with color and exploring imagination ignites new possibilities for our learners.

The artist tools, the character code, the relationships they've begun to build with themselves and one another... it all starts to gel in new and powerful ways.

Leadership, confidence, consideration, collaboration, and novel ideas all start flowing. Our heARTists demonstrate greater resilience and flexibility in their attitudes. It's truly a wonder to behold.

They think they're just "learning about art," but there's so much more happening under the surface of their beings and in the dynamics. This is what we love most about cultivating creativity in community settings. It extends far beyond the beautiful or cute art to the confidence, courage, and growth that unfolds in the process.

It's in this microcosm of transformation that seeds of hope are not only sown, but reaped, and where the macro changes our world so desperately needs lie in wait for greater tending.

This is about more than creativity. It's the foundation of healthy human

development and raising up a new generation of vibrant leaders and light workers who are equipped for the work of steady growth.

Want a fun and easy way to explore color theory? Try our Color Wheel printable or Colorful Imagination coloring sheet.

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