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More Than JUST Art

Something important happens when we allow ourselves to tap into our innate creativity. In this context creativity is more than "the arts" (although these modalities can be powerful pathways toward greater self-discovery and connection). Creativity is about how we think, act, and see the world.

Creativity is the feedback loop between perception, intention, action, and iteration. It's the energy between the phases of our imperfect growth.

This is precisely why the arts, visual or otherwise, are powerful portals to growth and greater connection. Behind the work of writing, drawing, acting, singing, building, or making is a chance for mindful self-reflection and a gap. In this gap the space of self-awareness emerges along with the desire (and sometimes courage) to make a shift. Even small shifts in how we think, feel, or act can have tremendous advantages on our nervous systems.

Through creativity we learn to step into new states of being. We find greater willingness to accept who and where we are. We learn that it's safe and meaningful to share our authentic selves and it is here that we discover the grace required for growth.

In the process of showing up for and sharing our true selves we find greater meaning and a sense of belonging in the world. This sense in turn fuels us to new vistas of growth. There is no arrival, only a perpetual state of becoming (which can feel like a trap without compassion and the right mindset).

So, as we learn to trust the process of our own growth, of our own creative expansion, we inch toward a version of ourselves who knows how to arrange our reality in more meaningful and joyful ways.

This is the work behind the arts. It's not just about the beauty, but about the development of self embedded in the work. It's like a workout; one workout doesn't make us an athlete, but consistent exercise builds more strength and capacity than we knew we had.

String enough grounded, compassionate, confident selves together... and that's a movement, my heARTful friend. Thanks for being a part of it!

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