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Wow, what a summer! It's been a whirlwind of creativity both out in the community and in the studio. Hands of all sizes have been busy creating within our Be-YOU-tiful Oops themed summer camps.

From our scholarship via SFUSD to our collaboration with ASEP SF and finally to our newest camp with Go Girls! Oakland, it's been a wild, full ride. We feel accomplished, proud, excited, exhausted and mind blown that fall is right around the corner. (In fact, we're already planning fall programing for the start of school in August, which is mind boggling!)

But first: enjoy these sweet scenes and a short recap from our BeYOUtiful Oops Summer... and get excited for a huge announcement next week!

The youngest group of the camp adding their finishing touches to the backdrop for their play called "Mistakes World."

Our 1st, 2nd and 3rd graders working on their BeYOUtiful self-portraits at our camp collaboration with Go Girls! Oakland. We offered this activity at each camp and loved how willing some of our littles became to drawing a self-portrait after hearing the ideas behind BeYOUtiful Oops.


A lot of planning went into structuring these camps to optimize each class and session. Campers rotated through 3 art stations during every class; each one with an invitation for a new prompt and different materials.

In week 2 at Go Girls! camp, the kids shifted their focus from individual projects to creating collaborative backdrops and props for the plays they had developed in drama.

Our 4th graders working on a box for their Tower of Oops after their lesson on the importance of making mistakes.


Enjoying the backdrops and props created by the 2nd and 3rd graders as we anxiously awaited their play called "Magical Meadow." Not featured: the large magical mushroom props (kicking myself on not capturing a photo of those because they were awesome.


The backdrop for the 4th/5th grade play called "Stuck Inside a Video Game Called Area 51." If only I'd captured the staggering number of props we created including: a TV, 8 game controllers, 8 cells phones, a portal, and a large (wearable) fridge costume complete with homemade magnets.


A glimpse of the Be-YOU-tiful Oops watercolor station. -------------------------->

Some of the clay creations that were later turned into jewelry. Many of the campers decided to wea these as part of their costumes in their plays.

My overflowing bag of celebrations at the end of our Go Girls! camp that filled my heart with joy.

No amount of pictures or words can convey the experience of watching these kids put so much-- discover so much-- through their creative investigations.

This summer affirms that making art is so much more than meets the eye. It's a playground for personal growth and leadership. It's where heart and soul meet rapid cognitive growth and where character is formed. Creativity is essential for the development of the whole self and the world needs more heARTful leaders like the ones we got to love on this summer.

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