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ButterFlies, SnowFlakes + Fingerprints

One thing I'm certain of is that we're all born into this world as wise, wildly creative spiritual beings. Helpless initially, sure, but wise and wildly capable. "Blank Slate" or tabula rasa is an an interesting idea and I'll admit, it held merit in my eyes for years after my undergraduate studies.

But, after 36 years of life, a master's degree in Creativity+ Consciousness, consistent spiritual seeking, and over a decade of serving thousands of children and parents... I now believe that we do come into this world with some innate knowing.

Obviously, nurture plays a huge role in how our paradigm forms. There is no arguing that our environment largely shapes our behavior, but nature (often beyond our explanation) comes hardwired with us in a way that both differentiates and unites us.

It's part of the reason why siblings in the same home can be so incredibly different. Twins (like my niece and nephew) can emerge with wildly different temperaments from day one. Their fingerprints on this Earth were never meant to be alike.

I believe this is based in our connection to a universal source; one that at its core is the essence of creativity. Without getting too woo on you because I want you to form your own beliefs... I also believe this connection is part of a spiritual assignment for growth and contribution to the world that only we can make.

It's the whole snowflakes, butterflies, and fingerprints theory: no two are exactly alike.

Take that in for a moment. In a species numbering in the millions or billions; in the countless amount of snowflakes that fall in a single Canadian winter... and no two are identical. If that isn't grand, God-like design and proof that creativity is our source, I don't know what is.

Regardless of what you believe...I know that you too are creative at your core. You are an artist regardless of the medium that you choose to express yourself.

We are all artists and those of us who courageously commit to holding a dialogue with the ineffable, those who are willing to dig beneath the surface of this unquestionably spiritual journey-- this assignment on a magical blue and green ball of dust--we are rewarded with greater wonder and fulfillment in the process.

Doesn't every child deserve to know this is possible? I think so. This is why I do what I do. We all deserve a head start in leveraging our innate creativity to help us navigate how hard it is to be a human. And it's never too late to start, you butterfly, you.

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