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Center for Community ARTS: Spotlight #4

Center for Community Arts (CCA) is the epitome of its name. They offer a wide variety of arts classes and community events for kids and adults.

We first began our collaboration in the spring of 2019 with a family art day. Kids got to spin an art wheel to guide their painting fun and we had over 50 young painters in just a couple of hours. It was so much fun and that day went so well, it formed the beginning of a full summer of collaboration of camps, classes and a whole lot of heartful art!

CCA continues to innovate and collaborate with a variety of teaching artists and organizations. During the height of the pandemic, CCA was committed to bringing virtual programming to their learners and as a result they now continue to offer virtual classes that reach a wider audience beyond the East Bay.

In fact, while teaching our Symbolic Forecasting workshop, we were delighted to learn that we had a participant from Hawaii! Head on over to CCA to explore all of their great offerings and join this caring, creative community of people.

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