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Creativity and Character

Creativity— and specifically a commitment to the practice of developing it— is the most powerful tool for human development. Uncovering the territory of our next phase of growth through creative practice forces us to dig deep and find greater flexibility in the process of excavation.

In short, creativity builds character while linking literacies that serve multifaceted beings who are ever-evolving. This quality of the arts to develop the whole person— and to provide in-roads toward necessary development regardless of our age or the domain we seek to grow in— makes the arts a worthy focus for all humans and necessary to integrate more fully into our educational system.

Pursuing the arts as an occasional dabbling can hold intermittent aha’s, but to pursue a commitment to creative practice holds magic. Here, we find that our strengths and competencies are amplified, giving us the courage and perseverance to move through challenges and setbacks as we stake greater claim to who we are.

Through creative practice, obstacles become detours in the direction toward becoming our true self. We learn to muster the grit that one day yields grace.

The beauty of creative practice as a conduit for deepening our character is that creativity is simply a word we gave to the ineffable and divine realms of our humanity. We get to define it, map it, expand it…and when we show up for the work of doing so, we become greater than the sum of all our parts.

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