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Growth = Agility

Growth doesn't always look like steady forward momentum, especially when things change as rapidly as they have over the last few years.

Sure, growth looks and feels most exciting when it comes with tangible external proof; big shiny leaves and flowers that prove our long-term effort.

But, sometimes growth is simply being able to shift directions in an instant and learning to adapt with unexpected conditions. Sometimes growth looks like scaling back our focus because we are overextending ourselves.

Growth looks different in different seasons. The same is true of how growth feels.

Growth doesn't always feel like boundless green, sprawling limbs. Sometimes, we must trim away the parts of our lives that aren't thriving to make space for new sprouts of possibility. Trimming feels like loss. Making space takes patience and trust that the emptiness will be filled with something worth while eventually.

Sometimes, growth is simply surviving the season while rooting the knowing that careful preservation of resources is how we clear space for future growth.

Regardless of what season you're in, this your reminder to trust your own knowing. You have everything you need, but only you know what that is. Whether you're rooting, sprouting, growing, trimming, or flowering, have grace for where you are and gratitude for your agile ways.

Grow through what you go through. Go at your own pace and trust your unique becoming.

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